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Monday, September 04, 2006

summer lovin: august 2006


this is the final summer wrap up! august is still fresh on the main page, so here are some highlights from earlier this month that have rolled off the home page already. tune in tuesday for fresh new designs, a new column and a brand new podcast from one of the industry's most talented women. also, on tuesday all these recaps will be stowed away into easy to use buttons on the left side of the screen. ooh- and don't forget to check out the cute silver piggy banks over at d*s on h&g- super cute. have a fantastic holiday weekend- see you tuesday! [dan funderburgh above may have found a manufacturing deal after he was on d*s this month. so maybe we'll see his work in wallpaper form after all, hooray!]


[vintage wallpaper from amy was a hit]


[jen garrido was a huge hit on the site. she's still besieged by emails for paintings- i'm so glad you guys liked her work so much!]


[flavor paper newbies. always colorful and always fun]

alice 1

[hot new print artist: alice stevenson. i have since splurged on FOUR of her prints. that's a record for me. i'm a total stevenson addict]


[ikea: fabric heaven. who knew?]

carrie curtains

[the carrie curtains mystery was solved and they'll be in my bedroom in two weeks. so happy, so, so happy]


get_jpg_detail_image.php 2

[last but not least, cards from pressure letterpress (a big hit with my mom) and gorgeous new linens from area home. swoon]


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