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Monday, September 04, 2006

summer lovin: june 2006

Erin Adams Design with Dog

june saw an influx of european design and a little hop across the pond for the d*s family (well, me and ac). in addition we covered a british design show, added a new podcast, checked out the red and white trend and found some great new wall decorations for those in need of a little color and pattern. so, enjoy the highlights from june 2006! oh and a special happy birthday to my wonderful, wonderful mom. love you! [above- erin adams' mosaics were a big hit in june]




[it's all about the walls- more wallconcept wall vinyls, wallpaper from twenty2 and gorgeous new designs from jocelyn warner]


[ac and i headed to paris and amsterdam for our first european vacation. photos of the trip are here and photos of the euro design finds are right here]


[the hard to find mexican fabric that haunted my dreams set off a huge nationwide search. which pretty much ended with- go to mexico to find it]

lena and rena

[podcasts! rena and lena were the stars this month]


[100% design was a fantastic show this year]


[four logs anyone?]


[mini trends- red and white, so hot for summer]


[we all loved corey arnold's photography so much that we crashed his site. whoops!]


[our friends missy and alden start yet another trend: butter boy and girl. this thing was everywhere after we talked about it, even daily candy]

Printed designer cushion

[last but not least, hau hauz via hpha was a huge hit]


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