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Monday, September 04, 2006

summer lovin: may 2006

[the following is part of today and tomorrow's recap of hot designs from summer 06. i'll return on tuesday morning with fresh new posts]

this summer was full of fantastic design and all sorts of great new products. we saw a lot of texture (folds, pleats and layering), wall vinyls and a whole lot of color (not to mention icff, brooklyn designs and the stationery show!) so without further adieu, here's a look back at what we loved in may 2006.


[one of the hottest posts of may? livingstones. i can't remember the last time i was so besieged by emails from people wanting to buy something on the site. the livingstones gang emailed me to say that they'd been flooded by emails and orders from d*s readers. so, this was a popular one for may!]


[this month was all about icff for me. round one and two showcased gorgeous lighting and textiles everywhere. we really saw the cementing of the textiles-in-furniture trend this year]


[not to be outdone, the stationery show attacked with a one-two punch that included crowd favorite hammerpress design]

BKLYN DESIGNS press invite

[and if two shows weren't enough, there was the eco-design explosion that was brooklyn designs 2006]


[d*s podcasts: this month we talked to the future perfect, karin erikkson, dwell bedding, niche modern lighting and fred flare]


[mini-trends: d*s mini trends investigated bright white this month as we stepped back and looked at the industry as a whole]

hg long

[the d*s on house and garden blog kicked off in may. still working out the kinks, but it's been a great new place to showcase exclusive designs. stay tuned for a section in the print mag, too!]

top chef

[many, many heated top chef discussions were had this month. at the end of the day i'm still glad harold won. he's so cute]



[attack of the wall vinyls- we met domestic and walldesign this month- gorgeous, colorful and super popular with the shoppers among us...]



[accordion accordion everywhere]


[one of my favorite designers, courtney skott, debuted a fantastic bed at her grad show. she's destined to be a star. no doubt about it]


[origami beer labels via notcot were a huge hit]


[ugly home was a HUGE hit. it popped up all over the blogosphere after this- what a fantastic tip from ross!]


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